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Bill Hyers

Named a rising star by Politics magazine, Bill Hyers has quickly built a reputation as one of the top campaign managers and political strategists in the United States. Most recently, Hyers served as Campaign Manager for Bill de Blasio’s successful New York City mayoral campaign, dubbed as “masterful” and “shrewd” by major press outlets.

In 2012, Hyers served as State Director for President Barack Obama’s campaign in Pennsylvania. In this position, he managed a staff of 400 and a budget of $32 million. 2012 was Hyers second stint with the President. During 2008, he worked as Midwest Director for Obama’s ground-breaking campaign.

Hyers first earned his reputation for running upset campaigns by managing victories for Kristen Gillibrand (2006 Congress) and Michael Nutter (2007 Philadelphia Mayor). In both cases, Hyers worked with candidates who faced long odds but ended up winning on Election Day.

Matt McLaughlin

Matt is a veteran creative strategist, who co-founded commercial and film production company Acres in 2013.

He has also led a number of campaigns in a diverse range of industries, including TV ads and longform web content for Bill de Blasio’s campaign for Mayor of New York City, as well as Airbnb's first-ever campaign for broadcast. In addition to the de Blasio's campaign, Matt ran media strategy and creative for John Fetterman's U.S. Senate campaign in Pennsylvania in 2016, and was at the helm creatively for a number of TV, digital, and social commercials for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.