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WIN is a media agency that creates strategic campaigns to engage audiences, drive action and create change.


Bill Hyers


Bill Hyers helped found Win after a career of campaign management and high level political consulting. Over the last two decades, Bill has managed dozens of State, Local, Congressional, Gubernatorial, and Senatorial campaigns all around the country. Highlights include Kirsten Gillibrand for Congress (2006), Michal Nutter for Philadelphia Mayor (2006),  Barack Obama for President (Midwest director 2008, Pennsylvania State Director 2012), Steve Beshear for Kentucky Governor (2011), and Bill deBlasio for NYC Mayor (2013) were he was awarded the Campaign Manager of the year by the American Association of Political Consultants (and award he was nominated for a record 3 times).

Hyers started consulting full time in 2014, and has consulted on several historic campaigns. Past clients include Tammy Duckworth for Senate, Lauren Underwood for Congress, John Fetterman for Senate/Lt Governor, JD Scholten for Congress, Pat Quinn for Governor, Jim Kenney for Mayor (IE), Tom Wolf for Governor (IE).

Aside from campaigns, Hyers has advised many clients on many different fights, including Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and  One Bermuda Alliance. Keeping sharp and helping people solve problems, and taking on the fights worth fighting has long been his passion.

Bill is also an Army Veteran who served in Bosnia during Operation Joint Endeavor and served as White house Liaison to Veterans Affairs during the first Obama administration. He splits time between Chicago and New York, and is an avid horse racing and 76ers fan.

Matt McLaughlin


Matt is a veteran creative strategist. Matt co-founded commercial and film production company,  Acres, in 2013 and has since led a number of campaigns in a diverse range of industries. He brought Reddit into the native content space with it's first native advertising program, Formative, created for Google, and was at the helm creatively for Airbnb's first-ever campaign for broadcast.

In 2017 after a decade of working as a creative in consumer advertising, Matt co-founded Win, a political media consulting firm that creates campaigns progressive political candidates across the country.  As the head campaign creative, Matt has helped create ads and launch over a dozen campaigns across the country including Bill de Blasio (2013), Bernie Sanders (2016), Cynthia Nixon (2018), and most recently Lauren Underwood’s historic 2018 congressional campaign.

Dubbed a "Viral Savant" by The Washington Post, Matt’s work has also been recognized by publications such as The New York Times, Huffington Post, and Politco.  He also helped launch Randy Bryce into the national spotlight with an ad GQ called “The Campaign Ad of the Year”.