With over twelve years experience as a political strategist, K.C. has brought his expertise to government, organized labor, and dozens of political and issue-based campaigns. In 2018, K.C. served as a senior advisor and media strategist on Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s upset victory in Illinois’ 14 the district, marking one of two expansion desk picks ups that cycle. During the successful 2018 cycle, K.C. also played a pivotal role behind digital marketing strategy that helped propel several viral political ads, most notably with Randy Bryce.

Early in his career, K.C. worked as an organizer in several primary states for President Obama’s historic 2008 campaign. In this capacity, he worked hand-in-hand with the pioneers behind the President’s renowned field, data, analytics, and digital media teams.

 Following this transformational experience, K.C. served as a Chief of Staff in the New York City Council and as political director for the nation’s largest entertainment union. He has worked on staff for numerous municipal campaigns throughout his career, including for Mayor Bloomberg (2009), New York State Coordinated Campaign (2010), Mayor de Blasio (2013) and nearly a dozen city council races.